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Work carried out on derelict West pier for safety

Equipment has been brought in to remove unsafe remains of the West Pier due to safety concerns.

The whole walkway, including a barbed wired covered gate has been dismantled with the wooden land end deck being fenced off and closed to the general public, but supporting piles still remain

West Pier Trust manager Rachel Clark said: “Our consultant engineers have recommended we do something about these issues for safety reasons.” She also commented that “the walkway was put up in 1996 as a temporary access to the pier but has not been needed since a fire in 2003 wrecked the structure and has not been properly maintained”

She pointed out that: “It was not about to collapse but there had been issues with teenagers climbing on it.”

Ms Clark commented that she was “aware people would be disappointed to be banned from the decked area above the promenade” and that  “this week’s work should not be taken as an indication the trust was winding up and added that a series of tours every Sunday at 11am were an indication of its commitment”.

The gantry has been used very little since 2003 when a fire which is believed likely to have been started maliciously destroyed the pier.