Updated Listing Status for Eastbourne Pier

Following a review from the English Heritage Eastbourne’s Pier has been reclassified to a Grade II strucutre.

The cultural team declared the pier to be on of the UK’s “most important piers” and hopes are high that this new status will spur the pier owners to speed on with plans to enovate the structure.

Proposed plans could include repairs to the aging theatre plus the addition of new facilities and attractions.  These new attractions could include a casino housed within a conservatory or even a monorail.

Barbara Follett, Culture minister, said: “Piers are a uniquely interesting solution to the enjoyment of the seaside in Britain’s uncertain weather.

“That is why I am so pleased to hear that one of the country’s best piers has had its listed status upgraded. Eastbourne Pier was designed and built by talented Victorian engineer Eugenius Birch and has long been a focus for this lovely seaside town.

“I hope that recognising its particular importance in this fashion will help to breathe new life into this Victorian masterpiece and will allow many more generations to enjoy the access that it gives to the sea.”

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