Request for information for Blackpool / Clacton Pier rides

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can anyone give me any information about the fun up & down trick bicycles that I can see on a film. The adult holidaymakers (around 1930-1950) are having fun riding bikes on Blackpool pier (unsure whether central pier ?)with red/green/yellow painted swirls on the wheel spats. The bikes have no brakes, or chain, & operated by bouncing up/down on the saddle to propel forward.
I’m researching these bikes which I believe were made by Frank Hawtin & Bros, in a workshop in Blackpool in the 1939 onwards era (or maybe before that ?)

I wish to date the bike & any more history on them would be appreciated.
I also have seen them on a film being used by adults near a big wheel, & other fair rides on Clacton pier.

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  1. i wish to date the bike and many more history on them would be appreciated i also have seem them on a film being used by adults near a big wheel and orher fair rides on clacton pier

  2. Hi,

    Just found your request for information on a trick bicycle that may have been used on Clacton Pier.

    As I work on the Pier I have access to the plan draw, unfortunately most information on past rides is limited to only a few plans, but I did recall finding a blue print plan titled exercise bicycle, it is propelled by what appears to be the bounce method. Sadly the plan has no makers name or date but I have been able to scan it in sections, I have uploaded one part scan to the Piers ‘photo bucket’ site , I will of course be more than happy to provide the rest of the plan, just drop me an e-mail at:-

    I have never seen any pictures of these devices in use on the Pier, so any pictures or further information would be of great interest.

    Chief Engineer

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